My first Environmental Scanning Report was about Starbucks opening a new delivery service in Seattle, WA. and New York City, NY. in late 2015, along with plans to expand mobile device orders and pay services across the country. I then went on to talk about how this news article about Starbucks represents positive news coverage for Starbucks because you recognize our world is shifting more towards becoming reliant on our mobile devices and tablets.

The tactic I recommended here was to sending out an informational newsletter to consumers and holding a press conference. These tactics were approached by using facts, credible sources, and also quotes from Starbucks’ chief digital officer, Adam Brotman.

If this were an official report, I would have measured its success by the amount of  newsletters being sent out nationally and also by the amount of people who use the delivery service.

Environmental Scanning Report1

My second Environmental Scanning report was about  The New York Times writing an article about how Starbucks opened its first of five “Starbucks Express Stores” in New York City. According to reporter, Lisa Baertlein, the new stores are about a quarter of the size of a typical Starbucks store. This “Starbucks Express Store” also offers a limited beverages and food menu. To also speed up the process and get you on your way, the cashiers use hand ­held devices to take your order while you stand in line.

The tactics I recommended here was an informational newsletter to send to Starbucks consumers and also holding a press conference. These tactics were approached by using facts and by posting the newsletters on bathroom stalls, registers, and store doors.

If this were an official report, I would have measured its positive media coverage by the amount of newsletters distributed and also by the amount of consumers that use the “express” store.

Environmental Scanning Report2

My final assignment in this class was to write a Starbucks News Release. Starbucks Corporation had released its annual corporate report detailing the company’s effort in continuing the “Race Together” Campaign. Also, Starbucks has recently gone into partnership with Arizona State University and employees who work at least twenty hours a week will have the full cost of their bachelor’s degree paid for through ASU’s online program by Starbucks.

The tactics used in this assignment were:

  • Partnership with ASU
  • Branding campaigns
  • Holding a news conference

If this were an official press release, I would have measured the results of this campaign by the number of attendance at the news conference at Pike Place Market and the “Race Together” talk on social media.